Enhanced Flavor of Distilled Spirits

The WinePrO2 can also enhance the flavor of your favorite Distilled Spirits.

Reveal the Depth in Flavors, Aromas, and Soften the Bite of Aged Spirits with WinePrO2

WinePrO2® The Proactive Decanter® is Amazing on Aged Spirits!

Bourbon • Rye • Scotch & Irish Whiskies • Cognac • Añejo Tequila • Aged Rum
When decanting your favorite dark spirits with the WinePrO2®, you will instantly notice an increase in the release of aromas, more depth of flavor, and less "Hot" or "Bitey" characteristics.

One Bar Professional Noted:

"When I used the WinePrO2 to treat liquor I noticed it rendered them less 'hot,' reducing the characteristic nostril-stinging edge. As a result, they were much more aromatic. A strong example was tasting Maker's Mark with a devoted fan and trained chef. In a blind tasting he could easily tell the difference and was amazed at the positive impact the infusion of pure oxygen from the WinePrO2 had on his favorite spirit!"