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...this device improved every wine tasted, and was even more impressive with bourbon! Game changer, must have! Makes "aerators" look like toys...
15 Year Napa Valley Tasting Room Manager
Wow! Tried my friend's WinePrO2 on my usual Cabernet Sauvignon, and by just dispensing a small amount of oxygen from the decanter, I couldn't believe the difference! The wine had a much smoother, more full-bodied taste!
Marjorie C., Akron, OH
I just can't enjoy wine the way I used to before I purchased my WinePro2.
This has changed my enjoyment of wine forever, I can't have a glass without it!
Jeff M., Cleveland, OH

Aged Spirits

Went out on a limb and tried my WinePro2 on a glass of an already incredible Kentucky Owl Rye (Batch 1), 11years/110 proof. Wow! Was I ever surprised at the impact that a little O2 had on a distilled spirit. Mouth feel was rounded a bit along with a more vibrant flavor pallet bursting with spice, fruit, and leather - leaving the impression of a much lesser proof and more flavorful whiskey. It's time for "WhiskeyPro"!
Brian Alquist, President of Land Whiskey Club, Brecksville, OH

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