WinePrO2 Proactive Decanter Now Available to US Consumers

Post Date:October 26, 2018

The WinePrO2® device, the world’s first Proactive Decanter and Preservation System® developed and manufactured by WinePrO2, LTD, is now available to US consumers. The data-driven and patent pending design outperforms all other decanting devices on the market, allowing the user to control the decanting process by infusing oxygen in a wine to suit their own taste preference. Preservation is achieved by blanketing wine in an unfinished bottle with a protective shield of argon to extend its life.

The Story of WinePrO2

Tom Belcher, inventor and President of WinePrO2, LTD, loves to drink wine. He is also an engineer with a degree in applied physics. In early 2010 after being introduced to a wine “aerator” device, he began measuring and quantifying the decanting process using a dissolved oxygen meter. Belcher began experimenting using concentrated oxygen and various delivery methods to control the delivery and O2 content dissolved in the wine which is indicative of the decanting process. 

“I eventually developed a nozzle and dispensing system to allow a controllable way to adjust the O2 content in the wine from a small amount up to a super-saturated state (above 100% concentration) and anywhere in between depending on the exposure time,” he explains further. 

“My intention with introducing this product is to allow the user to determine the optimal level of decanting and tailor each pour to their specific taste preference. Also, no subjectivity. Results are measurable,” adds Belcher.

How it Works 

WinePrO2 as Decanter

By inserting the nozzle directly into a glass of wine, the lever is actuated to infuse oxygen directly into the wine. The exposure time, typically a short burst up to one second, is all that is required to adjust the decanting cycle. The WinePrO2® allows experimentation and optimization based on real data, not the subjective claims associated with the many aerator devices so prevalent in the marketplace today. 

The device employs user replaceable oxygen decanting cartridges, each allowing the decanting of at least a full case of wine (12 750ml bottles) by the glass. 

WinePrO2 as Preservation System

With the preservation cartridge installed in the WinePrO2® device, the user may dispense the preserving Argon gas to form a protective shield over the wine remaining in an unfinished bottle. The nozzle is inserted through the neck of the bottle and dispensed for about one second. The bottle is then re-corked and stored in the upright position.  

The device employs user replaceable Argon preserving cartridges, each allowing the preservation of about 60 opened 750ml bottles. 

Price and Availability

The WinePrO2® system is available for purchase online for $199.95. The system includes the dispensing device along with complete instructions, plus a cartridge each of decanting (O2) and preserving (Ar) gasses. 

Replacement cartridges are available via the website in three packs for $35.95.

For more information about WinePrO2, visit or email:

WinePrO2®, The Proactive Decanter® is Made in the USA with Foreign & Domestic Components by WinePrO2, LTD.  Oxygen and Argon cartridges are made and filled in the USA.  WinePrO2, LTD may be contacted via phone at (415) 493-WINE, or by email at 

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