WinePrO2® Proactive Decanter

WinePrO2® Proactive Decanter

Proactive Decanting and Preservation System for Wine & Spirits.

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A quantum leap in decanting technology, this is no aerator!  Developed to dispel the subjectivity associated with "aerator devices", the WinePrO2® is backed with real data.  Results that can be tasted Instantly!  It employs user replaceable oxygen decanting cartridges that deliver measurable results. Each cartridge provides 60 - 1 second uses, enough to decant at least a full case of wine (12 750ml bottles) by the glass, or at least 60 glasses of spirits.
Don't "aerate" it - "PrO2" it! 

Inserting the preservation cartridge allows the user to dispense a protective shield over the wine or spirits remaining in an unfinished bottle to extend the usefull life. The  WinePrO2® employs user replaceable Argon (Ar) preserving cartridges with enough gas to preserve up to 60 opened 750ml bottles.

Replacement decanting and preservation cartridges available seperately in singles or economical 3-packs. The WinePrO2® system comes with a 1 year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Warranty covers home use only, not restaurants, taverns or tasting rooms.