W  I  N  E     O  X  Y  G  E  N  A  T  O  R  TM

Proactive Decanter & Preservation SystemTM


"...this device improved every wine tasted, and was even more impressive with bourbon! Game changer, must have! Makes "aerators" look like toys..."  

— 15 Year Napa Valley Tasting Room Manager


"I'm a skeptic about most wine gadgets, but this won me over the first time I tried it ... this one seems to actually work."

— W. Blake Gray of Wine-Searcher IN THE NEWS


The WinePrO2®  as a Proactive Decanter

W I N E  O X Y G E N A T O R  TM

A quantum leap in decanting technology, this is no aerator! Patented technology takes less than 1 second to achieve 2 to 3 hours of traditional decanting using pure Oxygen. Developed to dispel the subjectivity associated with "aerator devices", the WinePrO2® is backed with real data. Results that can be tasted Instantly!


The WinePrO2® as a Preservation System

With preservation cartridge installed, the user can extend the life of unfinished wine & spirits.  Simply dispense Argon gas to form a protective shield over the wine or spirits remaining in an unfinished bottle.  This is the same preservation technique used by wine makers and at professional wine bars and tasting rooms.

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